Our Story


"at heart, sporty chic is all about comfort. A laid-back street style that brings sporty elements and urban aesthetics together in one outfit”

Effortless, yet thoughtful is our brands message. The girl with the relaxed style who's able to kill it in sweats, yoga pants or the like. She does not require much reassurance because she's confident AF.

Gone are the days when heels are needed to make a statement! Aesthetically pleasing co-ords and one-piece styles allow for effortless transformations for all body types. Our multipurpose apparelathleisure and lounge can take you many places beyond the gym .. all in STYLE. 

Effortless yet thoughtful is how we stepping

Hi, I'm Sheem! A mother, healthcare professional and the founder of Mod The Brand. The fusion of athletic and leisure apparel has removed the awkward silence from the room when getting dressed. The emphasis on comfort has never been so loud! As a busy mother with a sporty style, getting dressed for every occasion is easy as ever. Accessorizing to dress up athletic pieces for a sporty chic look, or going full fledge workout has given me much versatility when getting dress. Spending countless hours on my feet, I find it most satisfying to get dressed with little effort, and still look thoughtful. Adding your personal touch gives a wide range of versatility to every piece. Living a MODLIFE is what I call it, and I am super excited to find my tribe of like minded women on this platform to get dressed with.

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